Name: Zetsu Nero

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Crest: Water

Kana: Totodile


Zetsu loves to fight and argues alot with Kamina Mikami. He was the deputy soul reaper before Kamina Mikami and Ichigo Kurosaki.



Totodile and his forms



Kubikiribocho shikai

(Kubikiribocho 'Carving Knife')

Kubikiribocho (Kubiki for short) has the ability to transform itself into water and the water can be used as a weapon. Later on, it developes the ability to turn into ice.

Suigetsu in water

Kubikiribocho Mizu (Carving Knife Water) Bankai form

(Kubikiriboch Mizu 'Carving Knife Water')

Kubikiribocho Mizu can make the user turn into water and later on, turn into ice.

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