Zodiac is American metal band Stagnant's tenth album, released on July 18th 2004. It marks the band's first and only album released with Caliber Records, after being dropped by K.I.L.L Records and subsequently turning to Vindictive Records in 2005. It also marks the second and final album with Louis "Fattz" DeLaney, Kayne Ellet, and Luke Edwards as the other members of the band, following their departure in 2005. Zodiac is preceded by 2003's RustED and followed by 2005's Fall of Man.

Track listing

  1. "Sagitarius Suck" - 5:00
  2. "Nailhead" - 7:00
  3. "Neurosis" - 5:44
  4. "The Signs Are Obvious" - 5:00
  5. "New Millenia" - 7:55
  6. "Witness The Carnage" - 8:45
  7. "Cerebus" - 5:00
  8. "Thunderhoof" - 7:00


  • Frank Littlemore - vocals
  • Louis "Fattz" DeLaney - lead guitar
  • Kayne Ellet - bass
  • Luke Edwards - drums

2004's Zodiac was the first and only album to be produced with Caliber Records, before the band was promptly dropped a few months after the album's release.

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