Zyria is a game based off of World of Warcraft. Humans and Orcs have been at war for decades, and you, a holy Paladin in service to the King, may be able to change all of that, Moryk.

Summary Edit

In a land known as Zyria, humans and Orcs are at war. Once a peaceful land, not divided by Inlands, now a divided one, shooken the foundations of by war. The Inland of Rolan, the land of men. The Inland of Viven, the land of Elves and Halflings. The Inland of Randor, land of Dwarves, and finally the inland of Ashfell, land of the Orcs. Ashfell, unfortunately, borders Rolan to the north, and because of this, the Humans and Orcs are in a constant state of war. Who will rise up against this menace?

Moryk is one of the finest in his Legion. He is the best, but even he is no match for the Orc Armies. His family was killed by the Orcs, and he intends to exact revenge on them. He will need help from his allies to do so, however.

Something that may pose an even bigger threat, however, is the growing population of Human Outlanders, forming just outside the confines of Titan Emporer Palace. This could indeed be the War of the Era. Little is known about them, other than the fact that they are lead by their Grand General, Adria, whom is a master in the arcane arts, and the art of war.

You, Moryk, will have to battle far superior foes, enemies that have never known defeat, who laugh in evil tongues at your pathetic attempts to survive, to re-claim peace in this already dying land, and, hopefully, as small a hope as it is, reverse this cycle of death, and, turn the tables, on the enemies. When all of the world's warriors are gathered against you, you must be strong.

Characters Edit

  • Moryk - A Human Paladin who through all his childhood was always left out, and excluded from the others. Now, he has found his place in servitude to the Titan Gods, and is a proficient swordsman.
  • Ferrin - An Elven Archer who although good, does anything he feels needs to be done to do good. He is the best shot of his clan, and has formed a rivalry with the Orcs alongside Moryk, he is also excellent with light weapons, like Daggers.
  • Ofelia - A Human Barbarian who enjoys fighting enemies face-to-face and although she does not look it, is much stronger than most men.
  • Calran - Half-Elven Hunter. He prefers the strength of crossbows to the agility of Longbows. He is good friends, well, actually just an ally to Moryk, and is a hated enemy of Ferrin.
  • Royan - Moryk's closest friend, Royan is a Knight, who would lay down his life for the King.
  • Jaral - The Outlanders' fiercest general. Jaral is strong, but he lacks the brains and agility to compensate.
  • Adria - Grandmaster of the Outlanders. She is a feirce Battlemage, who has never been known to loose a fight before.

Weapons Edit

  • Light Weapons - Can be wielded alongside a shield
    • Dagger
    • Club
    • Shortsword
    • Longsword
    • Handaxe
  • Heavy Weapons - Require 2 hands
    • Bastard Sword
    • Spiked Club
    • Spiked Chains
    • Battleaxe
    • Warhammer
    • Orc Double Axe

Steeds Edit

  • Horse
  • War Horse

Enemies Edit

Creatures Edit

  • Goblins - 8
  • Goblin Archers 6
  • Goblin Barbarians - 16
  • Goblin Knights - 32
  • Goblin Battlemages - 64
  • Goblin Warlords - 128
  • Trolls - 26
  • Ogres - 58
  • Fire Golems - 216
  • Ice Golems - 432
  • Storm Golems - 864

Orcs Edit

  • Pale Orcs - 5
  • Orcs - 20
  • Orc Barbarians - 46
  • Orc Conjurer - 92
  • Orc Necromancer - 184
  • Orc Clan Leader - 368
  • Orc Brute Fury - 736

Bandits Edit

  • Bandit - 6
  • Bandit Archer - 6
  • Bandit Wizard - 12
  • Bandit Clan Leader - 24

Marauders Edit

  • Marauder - 12
  • Marauder Ranger - 12
  • Marauder Battlemage - 26
  • Marauder Warlord - 52

Outlanders Edit

  • Outlander - 16
  • Outlander Berserker - 32
  • Outlander Juggernaut - 64
  • Outlander Commander - 128
  • Outlander Chieftain - 256

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